Sustaining Your Physical Health

Making the decision to incorporate a more active lifestyle at age 50 and beyond can be challenging especially if you’re recovering from an injury or are navigating a health setback. If you don’t have your health, your wealth really doesn’t matter. Consider these fitness tips from Tyler Cox, professional CrossFit coach and owner of CrossFit Pushin Weight as part of your new routine. As always, remember to consult your physician before starting any new fitness program or regimen.

Get Acclimated

Select a fitness program that will introduce you to a step-by-step process for getting familiar with basic movements and correctly completing each exercise. Consider working with a personal trainer or even a medical professional to create a fitness plan that is right for you depending on your situation.

Be Consistent

Create a routing for yourself that includes some form of physical activity at least two or three times per week. Invite a friend or family member to join you for a walk or a light sweat session at the gym. Remember, any movement is better than no movement.

Find an Accountability Partner

Accountability can play a major role in setting you up for success if you’re seeking a more active lifestyle. Find a gym that has a wide range of people from different walks of life where you can become part of a community. In fostering new relationships, you might be able to find an accountability partner that will help motivate you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Mobility is Key

Movement and mobility are key to any fitness regimen. Whether your 55 or 75, it’s important to understand that some pre-existing injuries might cause some mobility limitations. Be aware of your mobility limitations and make the appropriate modifications so that you can move pain-free while exercising.  Over time, an increased level of mobility and range of motion is likely to take place as you gain strength.

Limit the Intensity

One of the most common things that Tyler and his team at CrossFit Pushin Weight work on is encouraging people to throttle back. Even though you want to do well and hit those personal records, it’s important to listen to your body. Consider limiting the intensity aspect of your workout if you feel exhausted or tired afterwards. Don’t get caught up in what others may be doing around you. Focus on what’s best for you at that time.

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